About Us

About Us

Çizgi Medikal Clothing Company was established in 2004 to grow since its inception moment is Turkey's largest to onÇizgi Medikal apparel sales site. Çizgi Medikal's come to today where the consolidation, knowing the needs of health personnel are in their proper form, it is due to produce slippers and caps. Turkey around the medical staff of the product is one of the biggest factor in difficulty were delivered seamlessly, the technology of the future right stems from its use in the right place.

Çizgi Medikal Clothing, technological moves and new quest is

dressed with health workers will be the most modern and uniform fashion. Çizgi

Medikal is the largest to store in the medical apparel industry you currently

in a virtual environment. Future Çizgi Medikal, together with Turkey to protect

this place all over the expanding dealer network of approximately EUR 800

thousand employees health staff will be made its name by offering quality and

modern hospital shirts.

Founder: Atilla Aysegul AYAR (2005)

2004-2005: As Çizgi Medikal clothing brand the first


2005-2008: with mobile sales and marketing tools

2008: www.cizgimedikal.com the establishment of e-commerce


2008: online store Investments and realization of online


2010: in Bornova Küçükpark store and of the workshop the


2012: Bornova 2.industry 1100 M² 'luxury going into

production facility

2014: Izmir production is approximately EUR 2 200 square

meters of covered space in Konak.

Our company Provides services in the district of Izmir Konak

Yenişehir District in 2200 m² facility you currently. This property is located

on-site in retail stores.

Our company has TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate.

Çizgi Medikal and Dr. Grey's brands are protected by Turkish

Patent Institute.

Many thanks to my wife who anesthesia technician.

In 2004, she got married and moved to Izmir with my wife

Atilla AYAR dress for a day serving healthcare professionals around the Turkey

I would never bring my mind.

High school graduate as a housewife, my wife's daughter from

fabrics that we have received in order to contribute to the costs of our house

kitchen with his brother in the hospital I Realized that my wife was very happy

jersey. This is our agronomist our ability to realize that at the same time,

trade unions and regulators in many Organizations on behalf of the hospital my

wife Atilla AYAR Suggested us to produce this by making a bid to sell more


The first time, "how can we make it?" he was

thinking; my wife's sister (Aygül tenant), his wife (Nihat tenant) and I have

found ourselves as people who form manufacturing. Later, in the form we have

other means to Izmir, we started to sell the neighboring provinces and


As the team at a later stage, it could be based on what the

needs of today's more demanding requirements and we will investigate the where

possible and we decided to make our sales over the Internet. That my wife's

health professionals, consumers, what about the eye problem and will gladly

Gives us many Advantages. So we have started the journey of creating the

biggest brand in Turkey.

Today's lining valuable health around the army we entrust

our health Turkey, we are proud.

Many thanks to my wife that comments found trust us and push

us to make a Contribution to life ...

Çizgi Medical Clothing

Aysegul AYAR

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